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Hindustani Classical Vocal

Currently there are no concerts scheduled
North America/TBA
The Bahamas/TBA

SwarTarang, NewZealand 2019
Saptak Festival, India 2019
Girija Fest, India 2017  Review
Edmonton Ragamala, Canada 2017
Artisans' Centre, India 2018
Maryland, USA
The Western Front, Canada
The Wisdom Tree film, USA 2013
Govt Fest concerts /Rajkot, India 2012
Shweta Jhaveri world music tour USA 2011
The Bahamas 2011
Saptak Fest, India 2011

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    courtesy : SAPTAK, Jan 2019   REVIEW

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The Chitresh Das Institute
SanFrancisco, USA 2017

Shweta Jhaveri
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Marin county, SFO & Berkeley CA
since 1997 to 2017 USA

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