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: About creations :
Shweta Jhaveri's creations are her musical innovations or thoughts in the genre-s of North Indian classical vocal & World music. Vocally performed in her concerts or recordings these are not music establishments, hence Saraswati bani and Cosmic Khayals purely express this vocalist's music in their respective genre-s.

Saraswati bani is Shweta Jhaveri's Hindustani classical vocal music creation. Collectively it includes Khayals, Dhrupad style compositions, Tarana, her Rãga innovations and a few other varieties of Hindustani (North Indian) classical music which she performs in her concerts.

Saraswati bani is primarily about the vocal performance than its lyrics and compositional aspects. Preserving North Indian classical vocal music under the Mewati traditions, shweta has also performed her creations over the years in rãga-s such as Jog, Abhogi, PuriyaDhanashri, Yaman, Maand, Rageshri and her rãga innovation such as KrishnaBhairavi. Bani (vani) in music relates to dhrupad. Shweta being one of the names of or derived from Saraswati, this creation is named so and dedicates to the goddess of music.

S.R.I. Shweta Jhaveri's musical concept improvised as
Shruti-Rãga-Invocation denotes microtone, sentiment, soulful music. Shruti is the audible musical sound in the form of a microtone. Sentiment (rasa) is the heart of a raga (raag). Invocation is soulful music.

Featured tracks :
  (( Chandrakauns / Avishkar

(( KrishnaBhairavi
Her creation rãga

: C o s m i c   K h a y a l s :              

: W o r l d   M u s i c
o f   R ã g a :
singer - songwriter

Hailed by Billboard and Pulse as one of the most imaginative vocalists Shweta Jhaveri is a premier Indian classical vocalist to perform raga with western musicians. Cosmic Khayals remains her World music thought with creations performed in concerts by the vocalist also as a songwriter and composer. In recent years she has performed more of the Indian classical vocal music following her traditions.

(( Invocation
Raga : Bilaskhani Todi
"Lagi mohe ratana"

(( Sound of love
Raga : Hansadhwani
"Love lives and only lives on"

Featured song-lyric :
from CD 'Huge'

" The Creator "

Wonderful worlds astonish me.
Colours of the earth, of the sea-s,
of the seasons, astonish me.

Your crystal eyes, your gentle smile,
your mysterious gaze, astonish me.

The sailing skies, the floating Moon,
the rising Sun on the horizon,
astonish me.

You make me smile you are my delight
You make me love you are my life
You make me feel you are my heart
You make me heal you are my soul
You, only you, astonish me.
Wonderful worlds astonish me.

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