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Abhogi / Avishkar
Her creation raga
krishnaBhairavi / Prabandh

Preserving North Indian classical vocal music under Mewati traditions she has also performed her creations. Shweta Jhaveri's Shruti : Rãga : Invocation, dedicates to three of her cherished musical areas that she has persued since her young age through vocal music. Presently the S.R.I. features her creation Saraswati bani, a songbook of Rãga being documented which includes her vocally performed and recorded raga songs from 1980-2015 with a few of her new creations. Her vocal music has featured in international productions.   

Spring & Summer classes :
: vocal classical music
of north India :
Vocal sound
Raaga, Improvisation,
techniques, Taal,
vocal classical forms,
Khayal, Thumri, Bhajan
Raga compositions

classes / May-Aug 2017 :
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Spring & Summer classes by Shweta Jhaveri began for a part of the year since 1998 in Marin & previously in Berkeley,CA attended by students & music lovers. In 1990s she taught vocal music workshops through the Mewati traditions and her creations in India, USA & Canada and was privileged to teach at the AliAkbar College of Music.California, at the Pandit Jasraj School of Music.Vancouver and a few prestigious venues in the world.

Singer : Songwriter : composer

Hailed by Billboard and Pulse as one of the most imaginative vocalists Shweta Jhaveri has performed raga based World music in concerts and recordings since 1990s. Cosmic Khayals is one of her creations featuring her as a singer-songwriter, composer. A vocalist of Indian classical music since her childhood, she has garnered renown as a premier vocalist to create and perform such innovative raga based vocal music as Anahita and Huge. In recent years she has performed more of her purely classical music in concerts and music productions.
(( Invocation
Raga : Bilaskhani Todi
"Lagi mohe ratana"

(( Sound of love
Raga : Hansadhwani
"Love lives and only lives on"
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