photo courtesy : M Sexton

" a voice exceptionally beautiful,
mesmerizing, hypnotic "

One of the finest Indian classical vocalists of the present times Shweta Jhaveri has performed worldwide since her young age. Acclaimed for her mesmerizing vocal style preserving the north Indian classical music traditions, her soulful voice expresses the colours of shruti-raga-invocation by innovating within and beyond traditions. Born in a cultural environment provided by a surgeon father and literary mother, her mesmerizing voice revealed since childhood, blessed by great musicians. Initially trained by Vilas Khandekar she was further trained in the Mewati tutelage by legendary vocalist Pandit Jasraj and was privileged to vocally accompany him till early 1990s.

With worldwide acclaimed concerts & recordings such as Awakening, Rajnigandha, Ecstasy, Madhuvanti, Anahita, Avishkar and more she has sung for Radio, TV and Films. Besides she is an acclaimed songwriter and composer. She was privileged to perform for musician legend AliAkbar khan and has performed alongside some of the greatest musicians. Shweta Jhaveri performs in the genre-s of raga based World music and North Indian classical vocal music.

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