S h w e t a    J h a v e r i
: B i o g r a p h y :                    

photo courtesy : NewZealand 2019

" a magical voice filled with
the colours of microtone & raga "
- India 2019

" A favourite to audiences
in India & abroad "
- The Music Circle, LosAngeles

One of the finest Hindustani classical vocalists of the present times Shweta Jhaveri has performed worldwide since her young age. A favourite to many in India and abroad, her mesmerizing voice and soulful improvisation express the colours of shruti-raga-invocation by preserving the North Indian classical vocal traditions. A performer of Khayãl she is also adept in Thumri, Dhrupad & devotional music.

Blessed to be trained by Mewati maestro Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj since her teenage she was privileged to vocally accompany her Guruji from 1987 till early 1990s, touring-performing alongside some of the revered legends such as Appa Jalgaonkar, Swapan Chaudhuri, Sultan khan, Zakir Hussain and Ravi Shankar. She was privileged to receive guidance from her mentor swara samrat Ali Akbar Khan until early 2000s in California.

With worldwide acclaimed concerts & recordings she has also sung and composed for Films such as her debut film BhagavadGita in her twenties had featured at swami Vivekananda's centenary and the Wisdom Tree film premiered in recent years. Performing her debut classical vocal solo at age twelve in India, she made her international debut at age nineteen in UK-USA. She has created raga-s such as Nirmohi and KrishnaBhairavi.

She has performed through her foundation Cosmic Khayals performing Indian classical music & world music. Preserving the Mewati traditions as a Hindustani classical vocalist, she has performed her creations in North-Indian classical vocal music known as Saraswati bani. Privileged to be a resident guest faculty for a decade at the Ali Akbar College of Music-California, she was a lead vocalist of the Maihar Orchestra composed and led by legendary musician Ali Akbar Khan. She was privileged to be a faculty at the PJSOM-Vancouver since its foundation. Her Spring & Summer Classes for vocal music for over the past 20 years in the San Francisco bay area have been attended by students from many parts of the world. Regarded as the premier female classical vocalist from Gujarat to perform internationally, she is also acclaimed as the premier North-Indian classical vocalist to perform raga with western musicians. Her voice and virtuosity bring harmony and peace through music.

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