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: About creations :
Shweta Jhaveri's creations are her musical thoughts, compositions or innovations vocally performed by her.
: Saraswati bãni   : Cosmic Khayãls   : S R I

: Please NOTE :
Saraswati vãni's music is sung purely in Hindustani (north-Indian) classical vocal music traditions. Please support maintain the purity of this kind of music by not adapting it to other genre-s.

Saraswati bãni is Shweta Jhaveri's creation in Hindustani classical vocal music. It collectively presents her Khayãl, Dhrupad, Tarãnã, Bhajan and Rãga creations sung by her since her teenage for the past 40 years. Preserving North-Indian classical music under the Mewati traditions, Shweta has also vocally performed her compositions in many rãga-s such as Jog, Abhogi, Yaman, chandrakauns, PuriyãDhanãshri and her rãga creations such as KrishnaBhairavi and Nirmohi.

In Hindustani classical music the term bãni in Hindi is the same as vãni. Saraswati Bãni here means musical language or style. Its' vocal compositional style is related to or influenced by Dhrupad hence this creation is named Bãni and it can also be pronounced as Saraswati vãni. The North-Indian bãni is different than the South-Indian bãni. Saraswati bãni's music is performed with traditional manner. Shweta being one of the names of or derived from Saraswati, this creation is named so and dedicates to music.

(( Bãje bãje / Yaman

(( Chandrakauns

(( Sajan / childhood excerpt 1974

Music & Performance by Shweta Jhaveri. copyright © Shweta Jhaveri or other music establishments : All Rights Reserved.

Remembering the legendary musician Ali Akbar khan
on his 100th birth-anniversary in 2022 :

Shweta Jhaveri's homage to her revered Mentor :   (( Manjh Khamaj 

One of her favourite ragas created by legendary musician Ali Akbar khan that she performs and learnt from him as a vocalist of the Maihar Symphony led and composed by him. As a resident guest faculty for 10 years at the Ali Akbar College of Music in California since 1990s she was encouraged and inspired by her Mentor to whom she is ever grateful.

Music & copyright © Shweta Jhaveri and other music establishments. All Rights Reserved.

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