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with my father / UK 1985
Dear Friends,
March 2021
wish you the best of health, happiness and peace in the new year. The year of 2020 with all the adversities worldover, rests for me in memory of my beloved father Dr. Subodh Jhaveri, my lifetime's first inspiration and backbone forever since my childhood. Noble, spiritual and gifted, a surgeon-doctor of medicine trained in India and England he was also passionate for the universe and physics, Upanishads, yoga, poetry, arts and Indian classical music. My beloved father's demise in India earlier in 2020 before the spread of covid19 was followed by the demise of my respected Guruji, the world renowned vocalist Pandit Jasraj revered for his vidyaa daan and soulful music. I am ever greatful for such gifts of God.

((  PremGeet

My father loved music and learned bansuri-the Indian classical flute while I was about 3 yrs. In his loving memory I share his poem-my dear parents' favourite poem titled 'PremGeet' (Song of love), composed & stage-performed by me in my teens :
" 'Pavana prem no vaayo' / The breeze of love as if the fragrance of flowers in my memory, flew from far away, from the other world. "
Lyric by Dr. Subodh Jhaveri

A book by my father
Dr. Subodh Jhaveri

An excerpt from my father's article about the universe that he wrote during his last days at the age of 90 : " The Theory of BigBang about the origin of the universe is the greatest achievement of the 21st century's science. It reflects immense power of the human intelligence that has revolutionised our thinking about the universe prevalent since hundreds of centuries. Sages of an ancient school were known to present new ideas hence its spread was increasing. Their aim was to discover the essential nature of things which they called physis. "

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